Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Faded Video, a new blog about vintage cinema from the first half of the twentieth century, from the silent era to the Hollywood Golden Age and beyond.

My name is Joe and a love of black-and-white movies was instilled in me from an early age by my father, to whom this site is affectionately dedicated. He first introduced me to things like The Big Sleep (1946) and Strangers On A Train (1951), which blew a young mind and introduced me to a world I've never wanted to leave.

I worked hard to expand my knowledge of film history as I grew older by seeing as many old masters as possible. My Dad and I were regulars at the BFI Southbank in London and I scoured the TV listings every Saturday morning, mapping out which films to watch and tape. I soon amassed a formidable collection of battered VHS cassettes, stacks and stacks of videos occupying valuable bookshelf space and containing some of the finest cinema of the early century, a sticky label lovingly plastered along the spine of each to indicate the title. I immersed myself in this treasure trove and found unlikely role models for a child of the nineties in the likes of Cary Grant, Groucho Marx and Vincent Price. But, alas and inevitably, as the years went by, my tapes found themselves replaced by DVDs and hard-drive recording and eventually lay forgotten, gathering dust. Obsolete, outmoded, unwieldy blocks with the labels peeling loose. Faded, smeared, smudged and torn. Life moves on. They gradually disappeared - shoved into boxes, heaved up into cupboards or the attic. The whole collection dispersed and lost, seemingly doomed to suffer the ignominy of ending their days as landfill. Just recently though I've dug them all out, blown the cobwebs off the VCR and begun watching again. I don't know what I'm looking for.

Stay tuned and please do not attempt to adjust your sets...

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